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תמונת מגזין Boy & Girl Scouts in Israel פורסם על ידי צופים ברשת"
בתאריך 18/2/2007
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The Israel Boy & Girl Scouts Federation


The Federation has about eighty thousand members, boys and girls,

as follows:

The Hebrew Scouts - 60,000 members.

The Arab School Scouts - 13,000 members.

The Druze Scouts 5,000 members.

The Catholic Scouts - 3,000 members.

The Orthodox Scouts - 2,000 members.

The Israel Arab Scouts - 2,000 members.


The Federation is a non-partisan organization. It is the only youth-movement in the country not affiliated with any political body, therefore

it is not supported by any such body


Aims of the Federation:

Based on the spirit of the founder of the movement, Sir Robert Baden-

Powell, the values of international Scouting are an important aspect of the Federation's activities.

To strengthen education for social values and co-existence, to foster tolerance between Arabs, Jews and Druze.

The movement functions under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The honorary president of the Federation is the President of the State.

The Federation is recognized and maintains close relations with

WOSM and WAGGGS and belongs to the European Region of the World Scout Movement.

In addition to regular activities in the branches, the Federation conducts

a broad range of activities in joint meetings of Jewish, Moslem, Christian and Druze Scouts.

The Federation holds leadership training courses for senior members of the Scout movement, which include leaders from all the associations, as well as a Wood Badge course.

The governing bodies of the Federation are : The General Assembly, which convenes annually. This body, consisting of delegates from the member associations, decides on Federation policy and elects and nominates the executive officers and members of the National Executive.

The National Executive which convenes every two months, implements the decisions of the General Assembly through the Secretariat and the Chief Commissioner.



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